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MP3 Manager 

Current Version: 1.7.4 - this version released 03.09.2005
OS: Win 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  

Disclaimer: As if all software it would be advisable to evaluation to make sure your CD-Drives are compatible with this software. Your mileage may vary.

Registration: only $19.95                                         

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Registration: receive full version download and license to install on any/ all your personal systems. Free version upgrades as available.

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MP3 Manager is an easy way to find and organize your music, giving you ultimate control of your MP3 / WAV and CD music collection. With a wide range of library and play list options you will soon find that it is one of the most powerful and easiest to use audio software applications around. But wait - that's just the beginning of what you get with this software that contains NO spyware, adware, or malware!

A brief summary of features:

  • Music file library and play list management

  • MP3 / WAV audio player and play list creator

  • WAV/ MP3 batch converter - convert 1 or a 1,000 at a time

  • Transfer and automatically organize music to portable devices easily

  • CD Ripper - rip to selected format

  • ID Tag Editor - the fastest, easiest method you'll ever experiance

  • CD Player - simple interface but sometimes that's best?

  • CD burning - select to burn selected files and/ or a play list, via a click, all packaged within this software!

  • MP3 file splitter - easily split albums into separate song files


The Wave Editor Plus Library helps music fans organize their music collection into categories that make sense, and it’s packed with useful features to help fans locate and organize music files fast and easily. 

You can easily perform an array of functions either via the LIBRARY button or by pressing the right mouse button to display a menu relating to the library list view. We have included a fast, powerful way to edit file ID tags within this Library list!

Options include:

  • Add - file to library
  • Add - folder of tracks to library
  • Add - play list to library
  • Clear - library list
  • Copy - selected file(s) to folder or media. Easily copy selected files to your MP3 player or other location.
  • Delete - selected file(s). This function actually deletes the file not just removes from the list - so be careful!
  • Edit - edit file (mainly MP3 files) ID tags. This is a very fast, powerful and useful function. We have made this as easy as possible! This function can also be accessed via the right mouse menu. (see detailed instructions below)
  • Print - print out the current library
  • Remove - remove a file from the library
  • Send - a selected file to the play list view

The ID tag editor:

This feature is available via the LIBRARY button menu or by right click of the mouse while focus is on the file that you want to edit. Wave Editor Plus lets you easily add or modify track tags, which is essential for keeping all your files organized within the Library. Tag information is the Artist/Track info you see as you play a music file.

  • Highlight the track to be tagged in  the  Library
  • Either select "EDIT - MP3 ID Tags" from the LIBRARY menu or right click and select from from the displayed menu.
  • Edit tags and/ or filename within the screen that pops up.


The play list, combined with the player, player is the heart of Wave Editor Plus, the most frequently used component. From here, music fans have easy access to a number of advanced as well as standard options.

You can easily perform an array of functions either via the PLAYLIST button or by pressing the right mouse button to display a menu relating to the player/ play list view.

Options include:

  • Add - file to playlist view
  • Add - playlist to playlist view
  • Burn - current playlist to CD
  • Clear - current playlist view
  • Print - current playlist
  • Remove - selected file
  • Save - playlist to file
  • Double click file name (within the playlist) to play



The standard controls include:

  •  Volume control – Move the slider forward or back  to control the playback volume
  •  Play: Plays the current (highlighted) track in the Play list
  •  Next Track (up/ down buttons): Moves to the next track in the play list
  •  Pause: Pauses  music file track currently playing. Press again to continue
  •  Stop: Stops the track that is currently playing
  • Tip: Use the mini - player mode (via the view menu) to minimize the display to essential functions (play, pause, stop)


The CD Burner allows you to take full advantage of your music collection by giving the option to use your CD-R or other CD burner drive(s). Easily burn an audio CD by importing a playlist or selecting what files to burn. Our burning software is independent of Windows Media Player and does not conflict with any other burning software you may have installed.


  • CD - refresh, eject, disc info, and erase CD-RW
  • Recorder - choose recorder, close drive tray, lock drive tray, and unlock drive tray
  • Add file - select file to add to the "burn list"
  • Add Playlist - select a playlist to add to the "burn list". This must be a playlist that you previously created.
  • Delete - will remove a file from the "burn list"
  • Down, Up - this will move the file up or down within the order of the "burn list".
  • Write - this starts the burning / write process.
  • Advanced (button displayed on the "Write" screen) - set advanced settings for the burner software. This will normally not need to be messed with unless you are having some kind of problem with the burning process. Needed mostly for older CD Burners.
  • Automatically determines what speeds your burner can take advantage of. You have the option to select at write time.
  • Supports most external CD Writers as well.


Our little CD Player allows you to simply play an audio CD. It's not fancy but very stable. Merely insert an audio CD into a CD drive then activate this player - click the play button, pause, or stop to perform standard options. Click the forward or back buttons to move within the CD.


This CD ripper allows you to rip audio CD tracks and save in the format you desire. Convert audio CD's to MP3 to allow placement within your MP3 player or to create a MP3 album via the audio editor (eliminating the songs not wanted). Great for creation of "mix and match" custom audio CD's! This is one of the fastest CD rippers we have ever experienced and supports most any CD Drive (including external drives for you laptop "road warriors").


  • option to rip one, several or all tracks

  • option to set file format (WAV or MP3) to save ripped file as

  • option to select what CD drive contains the audio CD. This is done automatically but may need in case you have an audio CD inserted in more then one drive.

  • option to connect to the "free CD database" to determine the name of the song tracks. Merely check the "Load CD Album Information" checkbox to connect and refresh the track list. Of course - you must to connected to the INTERNET for this to work.

  • option to play selected track/ song via the "Play" button

  • advanced options to set values for connection to free CD databases

  • advanced ripping options - if a CD is found to be scratched or somewhat not correct then this option screen will pop up or you can activate via the "Tool" button/ icon.

  • refresh CD option via the CD button/ icon. 

  • option to add a user defined "Album Name" to the resulting ripped file name.


Select any array of WAV and/ or MP3 files to have converted to the opposite format fast and easily! 


  • mix and match WAV or MP3 files to be converted. The software will determine what format to convert to by means of "reading" the file extension. If WAV will convert to MP3. if MP3 to WAV.

  • convert 1 or a 1,000 at a time - batch type interface.

  • option to select bit-rate, frequency, and channel format to be applied to converted files (MP3 only)

  • option to add files, remove files or clear the "convert list"

  • fast and efficient


The included "MP3 Splitter" allows you to chop up those MP3 albums easily and quickly. Unlike most other MP3 splitters on the market (which by the way sell for about $20.00!) you don't have to set by and listen to the file to determine where to add the "chop marks" due to our graphical wave form display. Just load the file, set chop marks where ever you see "dead spots" (meaning silence between songs), then click the "Chop it!" button. Sit back and watch it do it's stuff - it's amazing how quick and easy the process is!

Screen shot of an album (only 3 songs used as demo) loaded, marked and ready to split...


  • editing features include insert silence, delete silence, delete selected portion of file.

  • option to play, pause, continue play and stop playing loaded file

  • redo / undo functions

  • zoom functions (select portion to apply zoom then click the respective button)

  • file attribute selection - set frequency and format (WAV or MP3) to save chopped files as

  • option to add and/ or remove chop marks
































































date of release 03.06.2005 @ 7:23PM >>>