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Current Version:4.8 - version release 06.04.2004 
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Registration: only $29.95 - receive full version download and license to install on any/ all your personal systems. Free version upgrades as available. 



MP3 Wizardry is a complete set of tools that allows most any editing, recording, transformations, file conversion, and batch conversions you could possibly need to deal with MP3 audio files. Download or select to Open to review a detailed e-book about this software >>> MP3 Wizardry Help.exe (1.08Mb)

With MP3 Wizardry you can edit MP3 or WAV files you download from the internet or record your own audio files from any source your computer supports. Plug in a mike to record voices or acoustic performances, connect a tape deck or turntable to the line input on your sound card, or record the output of a software MIDI wave table synthesizer. 
Split MP3 albums into song files easily, combine song files to create album with the "Album maker", edit ID tags, rip audio CD's, advanced editing of MP3 or WAV files, record from any supported recording device including "speaker output" - to name just a few things that can be done with MP3 Wizardry.  

Have fun playing with adding the many effects offered, or do more serious editing functions. Use the Normalize and other effects to match volumes of different files or bring out the best in music that was recorded a little too soft. Fade in, fade out, add  echo, or flange.



A complete MP3/ WAV editor. All popular functions (filters, operations, etc.)
A complete MP3/ WAV recorder. Save as MP3 or WAV. Timed record options and more.
CD ripper - rip audio CD tracks to MP3 or WAV.
File (batch) converter - convert WAV files into most any other audio format.
MP3 and Wav file chopper - chop up large MP3 or WAV files. Save as either format.
MP3 ID tag editor.
MP3 player that supports play lists.
WAV-MP3 batch converter - batch convert WAV to MP3 or MP3 to Wav.
CD organizer - get ready to burn audio CD.
Attractively "skinned".
Editor is fully "customizable". Configure colors, font, display, etc.
Detailed help tutorials included.
Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, and XP.
All upgrades and revisions are free of charge to any registered user.
Last, but my no means least, our registration and upgrade policies are what we consider unlike no other you will find except for "Open Source" software. Check out the fairest Policies on the net!



Some screen shots...


The main menu



The Audio editor & recorder (includes album maker, file chopper, and more...)



The CD ripper (rip CD tracks to WAV or MP3)


x_ripper.JPG (73616 bytes)


THe CD organizer (organize and ready for audio CD burn)



The WAV/ MP3 batch converter (batch convert WAV to MP3 or MP3 to WAV)



MP3 ID tag editor (edit ID tags)




The MP3 player



The Help eBook



Disclaimer: This software has not been tested, nor intended for use, with an external recording device such as USB MP3 player/recorders, Cell phones that support recording via USB, or most digital recorders that connect via the USB port. First of all most all these devices record as WAV (ADPCM) or special compressed file formats which are not supported.. secondly the software will most likely not recognize the device as compatible.  Also it has been found that there are a few CD-ROMS that are not supported (the software will not load CD tracks). Be sure to "kick the tires" to make sure all is well!


Download link for MP3 Wizardry >>> MP3Wiz_E.exe (10.1Mb)


Download or select to Open to review detailed e-book about this software >>> MP3 Wizardry Help.exe (1.08Mb)


REGISTER only $29.95 for a full version and license to install on any/ as many personal systems as wanted.


We have also partnered with to provide secure Internet credit card purchases as well as offering phone, postal, fax and purchase order options. To order, or obtain more information, please click below image...   




Don't trust ordering on-line? Use the postal service to order from This Form


Licensing / Registration notes:

The registered software version (download link supplied upon registration), of any of our software, will work (if compatible) on any system the software is installed on; therefore, we are trusting the registered user to not distribute the registered software to the world but rather keep for personal use.

We encourage registered users to install / activate registration on any personal systems (you are given license to do so) but ask that the registered software be retained and used exclusively by the registered user.

All registered users are entitled to free upgrades/ revisions at time of any new version release. Simply request a download link to the registered version from

The Registration Process:

After you have submitted credit card information, or otherwise made payment, you will receive an email from usually within minutes containing your personal download link.















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