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My Eyes
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Progress Report
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"My_Eyes"  is a software / INTERNET based application that is in the development stage, soon (target date = March 15, 2000) to be offered in the beta stage for testing by local beta testers. An IBM/ Comp. application, this software is being developed in an effort to help blind or vision impaired people to experience the World Wide Web in a much more friendly way then is currently available. It will be available as a software application that will be loaded on to your hard drive via a setup program supplied on CD, floppy disks, or available for download off this and other web sites. This application connects to the INTERNET via the users ISP connection.

Basically, it is a web browser that "speaks" (using Microsoft Active X technology) the text from web pages for the benefit of the blind or vision impaired person. Please do not confuse this as another "screen reader" as it is a totally different concept to make the Internet experience available in a more user friendly way. It will be operated  via user keystrokes, user mouse clicks, and / or user voice recognition, thus giving the sight impaired user the ability to navigate (with the skills or senses available to them) within the program. We have made a point of designing this software to be VERY simple to operate, thus giving a wider audience that can take advantage of it's use. Any additional software needed ( a text-2-speech engine, language library, etc...) will be supplied within the setup program to be installed on the system.

After the beta release of this software (and receiving feedback), we will develop a more advanced version that will include advanced features.

The stages and target dates of development are as follows...

Approx. March 15, 2000. Version beta 1.0 will be released for user testing and input from local beta testers.

It will include the following features:

The application will have the ability to be operated completely via user function keystrokes or user mouse clicks as to allow the blind or impaired vision person to execute program features without the need of a "helper".
The application will "talk" all functions and the help menu so as to allow the user to rely on their hearing ability only (to extend their own self reliance).
All links included within the loaded web page can be accessed via a "scan method" or in the conventional way (clicking the link).
Will feature a "favorites" function to add favorites for future use. The user will have the option of accessing the favorites list via a "scan method" or in the conventional way by clicking.
The application will have a set of  8 "channels" or pre- determined web pages programmed to "hot keys" so that the user can go to (and have the contents spoken) popular web sites in a easy fashion. These "channels" are sites of interest that have been researched to be more "user friendly" for the intended user. These "channels" will be accessed via function keys so that, for instance the user wants to hear the "news headlines of the day", that by pressing the F3 key it will load into the browser and be spoken to him or her. Making the operation SIMPLE to operate has been our main goal! No confusing keystrokes to master.
Last but by all means not least, a simple web browser. This will "talk" the text that is displayed on most any web site that the user elected to navigate to and load. In simple language it is a "talking web browser". Features have been added to have all links, that are within the page displayed, to be scanned and talked to the user for easy activation as well as a "favorites" function.

Approx. April 15, 2000. Version beta 1.1 will be released to the general public for further testing and user input.

It will include the following added features:

The application will give the user the option of using voice recognition (i.e. the computer will convert the user's speech to actual computer commands that will operate just like a keyboard and mouse does now) and / or the user's keystrokes and mouse clicks to activate all the functions.
The "talking" web browser will allow the  user to surf the web by means of the users  function keystrokes OR speech recognition. Our main goal is to keep it simple so that the user does not have a long "learning curve" to master the software operation. This browser will speak the contents of the page text and  give the user the ability to execute any of the links that are included within the web site selected via a scan method if selected.
The application will feature a "live chat room" that will speak the contents of what the user has typed in and the response from the other client on demand. This will be limited to the other user having this software installed on there computer as well. Peer to peer communications.
Also, we hope to have an email feature added to the software that will not require sight to operate simply, as well as other features and improvements that feedback from beta v1.0 users have indicated would be useful.

This page is under constant construction, so please bookmark if you have an interest in this software as there will be more information added and/ or changed as soon as we "get it together".

If you are following the development of this software you might want to check out the "Progress Report" >>> HERE

Due to extreme amount of interest and E- Mail that we are currently receiving in regards to this software, I have tried to answer some of the "frequently asked questions" >>> HERE

Please give us any feedback or reserve your beta copy >>>HERE






















































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