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Released 3.29.2001

My Kidster v1.8 & My Kidster Plus v1.9 talking browsers were developed, for the parents of children in the approx. age group(s) of 4 to 12 year olds, with several objectives in mind. The first objective was to develop a web browser that gives you, the parent(s), complete control over what their child can or can not view on the web along with some monitoring capabilities if elected to activate them. The second objective was to create a browser that your child can easily learn computer skills in a fun and exciting way. In other words to make a browser just for the child that will be his or her very own while giving mom or dad the ability to customize the content the child can or can not view.

The browser has a "fun and colorful" theme, that your kids will enjoy, as well as an antimated parrot (Microsoft© Peedy) that will become their web surf' n friend which has the ability to speak the loaded web page to them on demand.

Take a look at the browser theme, by clicking to enlarge, here >>> ss_kidster.JPG (166736 bytes)

Here's a screen shot of "Helpster" which delivers help in a fun, inter- active and humanist way >>>

ss_helpster.JPG (223057 bytes)

Here is a screen shot of the Kidster "bookmark" system. Every icon represents a "bookmark" that your child has selected. Navigate to the site by clicking the icon. >>>

 ss_bookmarks_kidster.JPG (377862 bytes)

The security features of Kidster are accessed via a password protected "control panel" that gives the parent the control over the following:

  • If a web page attempts to load that contains any of the words that you the parent select to block, then the browser is re-directed to a "Sorry but this page is blocked due to content" web page. Thus not allowing your child to view any web page that contains any of the "blocked" words or content without talking to mom or dad. Disclaimer: this can never be 100% due to sites programmed using "Flash" and pure graphic content as there are no words to search for and to block.

  • Comes with a short file of words to block but you, the parent, have the ability to add, delete, edit any word to block via the control panel. Delete them all if you like and this browser will not block any sites. It's your kid and you are in charge!

  • You have the option of viewing a file, that is appended to every time a "block" web site is about to be loaded but re-directed. The file records the time, date, web site title, and the word the page contained that caused the "block" action.

  • Gives the parent the option of disallowing pop up windows that the porn sites are famous for. This is not 100% as the porn sites have figured ways around this via programming.

A shot of the My Kidster v1.8 password protected parental control panel (Kidster Plus includes key logger options) >>>

ss_security_kidster.JPG (19347 bytes)

My Kidster Plus v1.9 also features an option to activate a "key logger", that captures and records to file, every keystroke that the child makes during the browsers activation. This is a handy tool if you are concerned about what's going on within those chat rooms that kids love to frequent. Spying? Hey, it isn't spying to have the information required to teach your child the "pit falls" of giving personal information out on the web!

Browser features included...
  • GUI interface with all standard Windows options.
  • Load most any text or web page document into the browser.
  • Ability to select the color of the "skin" as well as the text caption. This feature lets your child have it their way!
  • "Bookmark Manager" lets you add URL's, delete, and  navigate the browser to. Bookmarks are displayed in a fun way be means of funny look'n icons. The child will have his/her own bookmarks within this browser only. Does not interfere with MS IE or Netscape bookmarks.
  • Select one of over 12 different Agent© characters (option to download from the many choices available at no charge) you want as your "talkster" or none at all. Download and install as many as you want and change within the browser when the mood strikes!
  • Ability to "drag" the Agent© character to any where on the screen.
  • Standard browser options (i.e. back, forward, refresh, stop, home, and print). Opens up loading a customized "Google" search engine web page as the start page.
  • Capability to load and have spoken any text document into the browser. 
  • Have the character "speak" the web page loaded. 
  • Have the character "speak" only selected text after high- lighting OR copying to the clipboard. 
  • Stop "Speaking" option.
  • Show character "text balloon" or turn it off.
  • Move character on or off the viewing area.
  • Saves all option "settings" and implements them at startup.
  • An animated program "Helpster" feature. No more boring text based text pages; let the "Helpster" teach your child in a more fun and humanist way.This is really cool!
  • Has a drop down listbox, located on the top toolbar, that contain links to children songs that can be activated by merely clicking (kids love music don't they?).

The min. requirements for this software application are:

  • Pent.133 IBM / Comp. CPU
  • Microsoft Windows" 95, 98, ME (Windows 2000 & NT version available very soon) (will not operate on Windows Workgroups) A personal note: have you heard that Microsoft is going to release yet another version of Windows in mid- 2001? Before long a developer will have to release 10 versions of the same application. It's get'n out of hand folks!
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.+ (takes advantage of several .dll files in I.E.) 
  • 12 MB free hard disk space, 16 MB Memory
  • Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System & speakers
  • Text - 2 - Speech engine, Microsoft Agent©, and Agent© Character (all included within the Setup program)
  • Modem and ISP connection to the INTERNET

You are invited to download this shareware application free or the option of registering via on- line secure service by selecting any of these options from the links displayed at the left side of this page (Sub Menu). 

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