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Due to the enormous amount of e- mail / interest in the progress and development of this software application; this page is designed to give interested persons a "progress report" on the programming, time line, and development of the My Eyes software application. Will be adding relative comments as development progresses.

December 6, 1999...

The "My Eyes v.beta1" application is in it's last stages of programming. I am shooting for a March 15, 2000 target date for beta1 release to local beta testers.

Features and programming left to complete are as follows:

Research and find "channel" web sites (to be activated via a single keystroke) that would be of daily / weekly interest to intended users. This is not as easy as it may sound! I am looking for "Bobby Approved" type sites (text based without all those hard to navigate links!) that will give the user daily news, sports, etc. If anyone might have any suggestions = please give me some feedback?
Program in some text based games for advancement of user computer skills & enjoyment.
Write the code to "strip" out just the description of the link (that is on a loaded web page) so that when the user selects to have the program scan and talk the links it will only speak the description and not the complete URL.
Write the code to assign "hot keys" to activate all the functions.
Write the "Help" menu and pages.


May 1, 2000...

The "My Eyes v.beta1" application programming has come to a halt due to lack of funding! Have been working on trying to get funding from several different sources but as of yet have not got it done. Due to the enormous amount of time and effort this project is/ will take (in programming, testing, beta testing, etc...); funds must be acquired in order to proceed. We will not give up in our efforts to get this software developed but please understand that these things don't just happen!





















































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