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Upgraded 1.22.2001

Due to the many different versions of Windows OS that Microsoft has released since this software was created (back in the good ole Wins 98 days) this software is somewhat out dated and we find it overwhelming to keep up with all the changes that would be required to keep this software updated; therefore, we have changed the release to freeware as of 11.29.2001. We do not plan on updateing or revising this software in the future. As a way of "making things right" for the people that paid the $29.95 registration fee in the past, we would like to offer those paid registered users a free registered copy of any software featured on this site. Just shot me an email at for a download link to the registered version of your free software.

Password Keys v2.2 is an IBM/comp PC application (Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and ME) that returns to the user numerous values of   Windows and system information. It also returns all "cached" passwords and user names, .pwl (password) file user names and path, Windows screen saver password, password for any Microsoft Access 97 or 2000 data base file, ISP username and password, IP number, and most all system and Windows information. The software also includes many other functions / features that are explained below. You will be amazed at some of the values that this little program will inform you of, some of which you probably never even knew existed.

Click "thumbnail image" for full screenshot >>> psswd_keys_ss.JPG (87230 bytes)

Okay, let's review what  Password Keys v2.2 will do!

The following is an explanation of all the program command functions...

Exit = quit the program.

Save/Print List = opens up Windows Notepad with the content displayed within the list box as text. You can save to file or print.

Internet stuff ...

Convert IP = converts IP number to name/ name to IP number

Get HTML code = returns the HTML code of any web page

Ping = Pings a web site or server

Port Scanner = Check it out Here!

Who is?

Passwords Stuff ...

Change Screen Saver Password = gives you the option of changing the Windows screen saver password without knowing the current password.

Change User_Company System Name = lets you change Windows system registered users name as well as company name.

Change Windows Password = opens up system password manager.
Get Access File Password = input the path and name of any Access 95, 97,or 2000 file to return password to activate.

Get AIM Passwords = retrieves any saved passwords for AIM. Requires that the user has checked the "save password" on the AIM password entry form. (for you AOL users)

Get Cached Passwords = will return most all usernames and passwords that are "cached".

Get Screen Saver Password = returns the Windows Screen Saver password of current user (if any).

Get User Name Password list = returns the file names of all users that have created passwords to access the system.

Get Windows Password = will NOT return MS Windows password; however, does explain a "hack" that may or may not be useful depending on the purpose intended.

Get Windows User Name = returns current Windows user name.

Password Sniffer = will return the password value of any application (that is open and showing) that is covered or converted to "******" format.

Password Manager...

Password Analysis = tests a password for performance.

Password Generator = will generate a random password for your use.

Password Protector = in simple language, this is a username and password manager. Enter the user name and password into the text boxes, then select to "add"; this will add the combination into an encrypted file for future review. This will NOT list all the passwords that you have entered as this would defeat the purpose of keeping your user name/ passwords from prying eyes!

System Stuff...

Can't hide = detects all software running on system.

Edit System Registry = opens up Microsoft Regedit.exe that allows the user to edit any registry entry. Please be VERY careful with this option and BACKUP any and all registry files before starting!

File Association Manager = gives the option to create an association of any file extension to the application exe file.

Really delete = REALLY delete a file from the system. (Don't be like Ollie North and get caught!) Check it out Here!

System Information = returns most all information relative to your computer system and operating system.

Help =  displays  help file.


This Program = displays copyright and credit issues.

First, please take a moment to read this important notice before downloading!

Please be notified that "Password Keys" is furnished as a password recovery and system management tool. In NO way is the release intended to be used in a unconstructive way or manner!

We are not "crackers" (commonly and mistakenly referred to as "hackers") and will not break the law or violate software license agreements. By downloading this setup program you are agreeing that this software is to be used in a constructive and legal manner and that you agree to the following terms.

Terms of use...
I affirm that I am the legal owner of all files and data that this software will be used on to recover passwords or obtain system information. I have the legal right to access all data, information and files therein. I further attest that the recovered data, passwords and/or files will not be used for any illegal purpose. I further attest that by Customized Computer Software providing recovery or security software that they are not participating in any illegal activity.

If you do not agree with these terms; please DO NOT download!

Download the registered version of Password Keys v2.2 HERE ! (5.5mb)