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This page will explain how to setup the Travelware, onto a floppy disk, as well as give you a few tips about your new Travelware Disk designed software.
First of all you will need the self extracting zip file from THIS link. (Setup file)
After downloading the above file, insert your formatted floopy disk into the system's floppy drive( if not all ready there).
Double click the "Setup file" and elect to extract the contents onto the root of the floppy drive.

Terms of use...
I understand that this evaluation version only allows 48-bit encryption, as at this time, encryption technology is controlled for export by the U.S. Government. The software may also be subject to import and/or use regulations in foreign countries. For more information on the U.S. Export Administration Regulations ("EAR"), 15 C.F.R. Parts 730-774, and the Bureau of Export Administration ("BXA"), please see the BXA homepage at http://www.bxa.doc.gov . The registered version allows up to 448-bit encryption. No registered version will be furnished to any person restricted from import according to current US law.

The "lay out" of the floppy disk should look as follows, after it has been installed on the floppy. The self extracting zipped file should automatically set the paths up in this manner...

... GO.exe (36Kb) file (on the root of the floppy disk)

                            my_folder.GIF (340 bytes) ... Folder named "Software" with the files...

"copyright.txt" (7Kb), "help.txt" (3Kb), "info.txt" (1Kb),

"psswd.dat" (1Kb), Sentinel.exe" (112Kb),

and "xedcrypt20.ocx" (259Kb)

That's it.. the setup is history,  you're ready to rock' n roll.  Click "GO.exe" to activate your new Password Sentinel "traveling encrypted password vault" software by simply inserting the floppy disk into any PC (Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP) system then navigating to the floppy disk root path via My Computer or Explorer.

Some things you will need to know and a few tips...

Activate the Password Sentinel software by simply double clicking the "GO.exe" file that is on the root of the floppy disk. This "GO.exe" is just a simple menu so that the software and supporting files can be gathered into the "Software" folder so as not to confuse issues.
VERY IMPORTANT !!!!! Every time the software is activated, you are presented with a password challenge. If you do not input the correct password you will not be granted access to the main software screen. This password is what is used through out the software, to not only gain entry into the main screen but also to encrypt and decrypt the password file ("psswd.dat") to allow new entries, editing, and to change the password. The first time the software is activated the default password is "passwd" (case sensitive and without quotes). You will be reminded that your first order of business is to change this password! After entry to the main screen/ form simply elect to "Change Entry Password" from the "Edit" menu on the menu bar.
You should make a habit of backing up the "psswd.dat" file that is located in the path of "floppy root\Software\psswd.dat". This file is encrypted, with your password 'hashed' within the file. If for some reason the Travelaware floppy disk would fail, get lost, or destroyed you would therefore have a backup of the file. Merely  setup the software on a new floppy disk and replace the default "psswd.dat" file with the backup file that contains your encrypted password information. You will be back to normal afterward.
On older systems, the "GO.exe" as well as the software may fail to activate. This will be due to the system not having the "VB 6 Runtime files" installed. It might be a good idea to download THIS "VB Runtime file" Setup (1.1Mb) and place it on a seperate floppy disk. This way if you run into this problem you would just navigate to the path of this .exe setup file, double click to activate then install these support files on the older system. This install will not harm the system in any way. After this install, the "GO.exe" as well as the software will activate.
The Travelware installed on a floppy disk should allow plenty of run for your encrypted password file as it will only take up approx. 420Kb of storage space.