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Audio Playlist Burner

Current Version: 1.7 - this version released 03.08.2005
OS: Win 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  

Disclaimer: As if all software it would be advisable to evaluation to make sure your CD-Drives are compatible with this software. Your mileage may vary.

Registration: only $12.95                                         

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Registration: receive full version download and license to install on any/ all your personal systems. Free version upgrades as available.

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the Audio Playlist Burner

This Audio CD Burner allows you to take full advantage of your music collection by giving the option to use your CD-R or other CD burner drive(s). Easily burn an audio CD by importing a standard playlist (.m3u file) or selecting what files to burn. Our burning software is independent of Windows Media Player and does not conflict with any other burning software you may have installed. It is the only burner software we know of that allows importing of playlists - a very handy feature!


  • CD - refresh, eject, disc info, and erase CD-RW
  • Supports import of any standard playlist (i.e. .m3u file  - created in WinAmp, etc...)
  • Recorder - choose recorder, close drive tray, lock drive tray, and unlock drive tray
  • Add file - select file to add to the "burn list"
  • Add Playlist - select a playlist to add to the "burn list". This must be a playlist that you previously created in any application using standard .m3u playlist files.
  • Delete - will remove a file from the "burn list"
  • Down, Up - this will move the file up or down within the order of the "burn list".
  • Write - this starts the burning / write process.
  • Advanced (button displayed on the "Write" screen) - set advanced settings for the burner software. This will normally not need to be messed with unless you are having some kind of problem with the burning process. Needed mostly for older CD Burners.
  • Automatically determines what speeds your burner can take advantage of. You have the option to select at write time.
  • Supports most external CD Writers as well.
































































date of release 03.06.2005 @ 7:23PM >>>