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Code-it Software does not engage in spam marketing. All of our communications are in response to an inquiry by email. We do not purchase ad space on portal sites. I have no tolerance for spam and do not engage in it - period. I do not write cookies to your system.

We do not develop or release, off this site, any software that implements "adware", "spyware", or software that transmits any information to us or our domain server. We do NOT subscribe to tactics of generating income or gain from intrusive code within free software offerings. 

Common sense dictates that any software program be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before relying on it. While every precaution is taken to produce bug free code, you use any of our software at your own risk. Code-it Software, Inc. will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other loss while using our software. We pledge to never offer any software that has known defects that may result in damage of data residing on the system.

Most all Code-it Software titles are offered as shareware. This means you can download and "kick the tires" of the software for free and without risk. You can decide if you want to register (pay for) the software only after determining if the software performs to your satisfaction. Please evaluate the software first, before registering,  to ensure that you do not register software that does not fit your needs.

Licensing / Registration notes:

  • Most all our software is protected by advanced encrypted software copy protection.

  • Our unlock registration key codes are system/ machine specific. This means that the software key code will only work on the system it was registered for; however, we will gladly issue a separate license/ key code for any other personal systems free of charge - you need only to ask.

  • We realize that due to system failures, needing to format and reinstall the operating system, and system replacements that you may want to transfer/ or need a new software license unlock key code. Merely request a new key code along with a brief explanation of reason. We will issue new unlock key codes, hassle free, as long as this courtesy is not abused.

  • All registered users are entitled to free upgrades/ revisions at time of any new version release. Simply download then install the new version as no new key code will be required after initial registration has been activated.

The Registration Process:

  • After you have submitted credit card information, or otherwise made payment, you will receive an email from requesting the "Registration Number" displayed on the opening screen of the software.

  • After receipt of the number Code-it Software will generate an unlock key code, that will activate the registration, and return via email.

 Refund of Registration cost:

Our policy is to not offer refunds on any software that has been registered. As all software is offered as Shareware (try before you buy) we feel that it is your responsibility to be certain that the software fits your needs. As all our software's registration cost is priced very low.. the costs to issue a refund (charged by our e-commerce vendor) is, we feel,  not warranted. This refund policy is not "written in stone" but we are very reluctant to stray from it.























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