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Premo Web Talkster v2.0 (Free) is the result of on going development and improvements made to the Web Talkster v1.2 , Talking Browser 2.0, and the Premo Web Talkster v1.0.f browser applications that have an audience of over an estimated 100,000 valued and loyal users. This software application gives you the option of having the browser "talk" the text content of a web page by means of one of many available animated characters to choose from, after clicking the "speak" button. In simple language, it is a talking web browser. This application is a customized browser using Microsoft Active X Agent© Technology. The software has been beta tested and "talks" all formats of web sites with the exception of approx. 4% (beta test results) due to exotic programming formats and frame configurations.

Features included within the application are as follows:

  • GUI interface with all standard Windows options.
  • Load most any text or web page document into the browser.
  • Ability to move buttons or customize the menu toolbar to your preferences.
  • Gives you the choice of "home page" to load at startup.
  • Much improved "Bookmark Manager" lets you add URL's, change "tag" name, delete, save into different folders, navigate browser to.
  • Allows you to integrate Microsoft Internet Explorer bookmarks into the browser.
  • Many "Advanced" features that "shell" out to system resources.
  • Improved option of viewing source code, save, edit, print. The use of Microsoft Notepad is implicated.
  • Convenient "Search" menu of 14 popular search engine links.
  • Select one of over 12 different Agent© characters (option to download from the many choices available at no charge) you want as your "talkster" or none at all.
  • Ability to "drag" the Agent© character to any where on the screen.
  • Standard browser options (i.e. back, forward, refresh, stop, home, and print).
  • Improved capability to load and have spoken any text based document into the browser.
  • Open up default e- mail program to send e-mail or a link.
  • Have the character "speak" the web page loaded. This feature has been improved to allow more sites to be "talked". Also provided a "hotkey" of F2 to make this happen.
  • Have the character "speak" only selected text after copying to the clipboard. 
  • Improved "Talk It" function that has the talkster speak any text that was entered into a textbox.
  • Option to have the character tell you the date and time.
  • Stop "Speaking" option. Also provided a "hotkey" of F3 to make this happen.
  • Change the toolbar icon theme to over 10 different patterns.
  • Several "viewing" options.
  • Change the "skin" of the browser to a selection of 7 different appearances.
  • Show character "text balloon" or turn it off.
  • Move character on or off the viewing area.
  • Gives you the option of allowing / not allowing "pop-up" windows off web sites.
  • The option to place a "startup" icon on the desktop.
  • Improved antimated help system.
  • Screen capture and open clipboard functions.
  • Option to change the background color of any web page that does not implement the use of background images.
  • Option of the use of "hotkeys" (Esc to exit, F1 for help, F2 to speak and F3 to stop speaking) provided for sight impaired persons that have a hard time dealing with icons to activate functions.
  • Saves most option "settings" and implements them at startup.
  • Keeps a "clickable" history list of site visited with the option to clear list.
  • An antimated "Program Helpster" feature. No more boring text based text pages; let Merlin (Agent© character) help you in a more humanist way.This is real cool!
  • Activate most important functions by the use of "hot keys".
  • Tested to show well in most popular screen resolutions.

The min. requirements for this software application are:

  1. Pent /133 IBM / Comp. CPU
  2. Microsoft Windows" 95, 98, 2000, or NT (will not operate on Windows Workgroups)
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
  4. 12 MB free hard disk space, 16 MB Memory
  5. Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System & speakers
  6. Text - 2 - Speech engine, Microsoft Agent©, and Agent© Character (all included within the Setup program)
  7. Modem and ISP connection to the INTERNET

Click links to view full screen shots (that show several of the many "skin", icon, and character options that are available) of the Premo Web Talkster v2.0 in action:

ScreenShot 1   ScreenShot 2     ScreenShot 3      ScreenShot 4

Also check out a screenshot of our newly developed "Helpster v1.0" (antimated help feature) of the Premo Web Talkster v2.0; it's really cool! The "Program Helpster" is an exact copy of the browser and it's icons / functions but when you click on an icon, instead of activating the function, Merlin (the Agent© character) explains that function to you and offers help in the operation. Instead of help being boring text based material; it is presented to you in a more "humanist" way.  ScreenShot of Helpster

You are invited to download the free version of "Premo Web Talkster v2.0" self extracting zipped setup program.Download it here >>>> PremoWT.exe (14.8mb)

After downloading file; all that is required is to double click on the premo.exe file to start installation of the application on your hard drive.



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