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Web site & eMail:

Code-it Software, aka Customized Computer Software, does not directly collect any identifying information from visitors. We never sell or trade email information from our newsletter or from addresses of mail sent to me either personally or through the sites feedback form. I have no tolerance for spam and do not engage in it - period. I do not write cookies to your system. I feel that if you were kind enough to navigate to this site, you didn't come here to be bombarded with pop- over ads, pop- under ads, or a bunch of banners; therefore,  you will find none on this site.

While I do not collect information myself,  I want you to be aware that links that take you off my site, as well as the actual server collect some information. The server collects statistical information such as total number of visitors, what brands of browsers are used, what pages where viewed the most on my site. This information is useful in helping decide what content to develop and what browsers I may have to support. Additionally IP addresses may be logged by the server. This information is not publicly available and will never be released to outside parties.


We do not develop or release any software that implements "adware", "spyware", or software that transmits any information to us or our domain server. We do NOT subscribe to these tactics of generating income or gain from intrusive code within free software offerings. There are a couple of exceptions to this statement, being...

(1) "Robo Mailer" does transmit a message to our server that states that the software has been registered (a one time action at the time of registration). It does NOT transmit any personal information of any kind. Revision is "in the works" to eliminate this registration feature expected to release by 06.15.2002)

(2) "Web Talkster v3.0" does stream in ads into the toolbar of the browser when it is activated before being registered. Registration has since been changed to no charge. This application transmits NO information TO our server but streams in text (the ads) FROM our server. Version 3.7 has been released as of  05.23.2002 that eliminates all ad streaming and requires NO key code to register. Okay we admit it! It was a MISTAKE on our part to ever consider jumping on the "Adware" band wagon! We regret and hereby apologize for the many downloads of this (Adware) code. Note to all software developers/ programmers: NEVER LISTEN TO MARKETING STAFF!

(3) There have been several software applications that we have developed under contract from from marketers or vendors that have some code within that, may or may not, qualify as "spyware". These applications may or may not have Code-it Software mentioned as the developer or give us programming credits. None of these applications are listed on this site for download or distribution.

We have joined the efforts of  AFFECT (Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions) and completely revised our EULA for any/ all software downloaded and/ or installed as of 08.25.2002. Please review this new EULA for any software downloaded as it supercedes the contained EULA within the software or presented during installation of same. This new EULA is an effort to afford you, the end user, more consumer rights in a fairer manner.

If you have any issues or concerns please email