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Current Version: v3.4 - version released  02.15.2004
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Registration: only $19.95 - - receive full version download and license to install on any/ all your personal systems. Free version upgrades as available.   

Here's just a few features of  "Recordster"...


For music, talk show INTERNET radio/ broadcast recording:

Record Internet radio broadcasts in WAV or MP3 format - real time encoding!

 Songs are split into individual tracks based upon a silence detection algorithm if "Sequence" mode is selected.

 Records exactly what you hear on your PC speakers in high quality - select what format to save as.

Recording is made in "real time": no temp files to convert later. What you record you have instantly!

 Create MP3 files for listening on your PC or any other player that supports MP3.

With the included audio editor you can edit your recordings - tweak them the way you want.

Create MP3 albums from audio CD's effortlessly! See Recordster Tutorial to learn how.

Split downloaded MP3 albums into separate song files without any user action - effortlessly! See Recordster Tutorial to learn how.

Record / convert WMA files to MP3. See Recordster Tutorial to learn how.

Sound activated option is handy for recording anything with frequent periods of silence - records no silence after 3 secs.

Timer feature deactivates recording after set time period.

Includes a "Radio" web browser that allows you to activate INTERNET radio broadcasts.


It's also a great all  purpose recorder!
Recordster records anything you hear on your PC, not just Internet radio stations. You can use as a recorder for archiving audio books, saving music, monitoring online police scanners, recording from devices attached to your PC (i.e. cassette decks, radios, turn tables, microphone, etc.).


And there's even more- also a great all  purpose WAV/ MP3 editor!

Load any WAV or MP3 file then tweak it using the many different functions available.


Hey - it's not too bad an MP3 player as well!

Supports loading, editing, saving of play lists. Play/ loop play list.


Yep... there's even more cool things it will do!

Edit MP3 file tags via the included Audio Tag Manager & more.

See Recordster Tutorial to learn a few.


Software features:

Easy, fast "learning curve". You don't need a Computer Science degree to do quality recording!

Option to record as WAV or MP3 file format in real time - INSTANT RECORDING.

Real time MP3 encoding. No temp WAV files to convert later.

An advanced audio editor is included - create your own edited version of any WAV or MP3 file.

Option to set Frequency and Mono/Stereo channel values.

Option to Pause recording then Continue. This way you can forget recording all those INTERNET Radio commercials then having to go back and edit the recording (or be stuck listening to why you should buy Tide). Pause then continue recording as often as you want.

Includes options to Play, Pause Play, Continue Play and Stop the playing of a WAV or MP3 file.

A very COOL, simple interface with wave form graphical display when recording or playing an audio file. Choice of 6 different wave form display types.

Will record from "Microphone", "Line-in", "Speaker Output" (Stereo Mix), or any device supported by the system's sound card.

Automatically shows all Audio devices the sound card will allow recording from. Option (Mixer) to select which device to record from (i.e. microphone, line-in, stereo mix, etc...).

In "Plus Record" mode you have the option to record via sound activation. Will record no silence more then approx. 2 seconds - great for recording dictation.

In "Plus Record" mode you have the option to set the length of time to record. Set it to record for 120 minutes (or any selected value) and the recording will automatically shut off when the time has been reached.

In "Plus Record" mode you have the option to record in "Sequence" mode. This creates a new file after detection of 3 seconds of silence. Great for recording music broadcasted on INTERNET radio!

Use the included "Radio Web Browser" to activate INTERNET radio broadcasts.

MP3 / Wav player that supports play lists. 

Audio file tag manager. Edit MP3 tags to your liking.


Last, but my no means least, our registration and upgrade policies are what we consider unlike no other you will find except for "Open Source" software. Check out the fairest Policies on the net!

TERMS OF USE: Sorry, but just got to do this (the RIAA is TRYING to take over America) !

It is your responsibility to ensure that any material that you record, using this software's recording function, does not violate anyone's copyright. You agree to hold Code-it Software, Inc. harmless from any violation of copyright laws by your use of the recorder.

Disclaimer: We have recently received support questions regarding WMA files that have been downloaded from the new music download sites such as iTunes and the new Napster then converted to MP3. These files have copyright protection (DRM), as well as intrusive restrictions embedded within. You can NOT chop, edit, convert, or sometimes even play these files or albums in our software; however, some of our software does get around some of these issues - use your imagination or see Recordster Tutorial to learn how.

Disclaimer: This software has not been tested, nor intended for use, with an external recording device such as USB MP3 player/recorders, Cell phones that support recording via USB, or most digital recorders that connect via the USB port. First of all most all these devices record as WAV (ADPCM) or special compressed file formats which are not supported.. secondly the software will most likely not recognize the device as compatible.  


Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT4+, and XP comp. Linux version to be released in the near future.

This application requires a compatible sound card - your mileage may vary!


Primary download link >>> Recster.exe (10.3 Mb)


Be sure to check out the  Recordster Tutorial to learn how to make recordings and numerous tips for use of this software!


Please evaluate this software before registration to make sure your system has a compatible sound card!


Registration fee is $19.95. We have partnered with to provide secure Internet credit card purchases as well as offering phone, postal, fax and purchase order options. To order, or obtain more information, please click below image...


Don't trust ordering on-line? Use the postal service to order from This Form


Licensing / Registration notes:

The registered software version (download link supplied upon registration), of any of our software, will work (if compatible) on any system the software is installed on; therefore, we are trusting the registered user to not distribute the registered software to the world but rather keep for personal use.

We encourage registered users to install / activate registration on any personal systems (you are given license to do so) but ask that the registered software be retained and used exclusively by the registered user.

All registered users are entitled to free upgrades/ revisions at time of any new version release. Simply request a download link to the registered version from


The Registration Process:

After you have submitted credit card information, or otherwise made payment, you will receive an email from RegSoft directing you to a web page that displays all needed registration information .

Generally you will receive instructions within minutes after payment is accepted.



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