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FAQ's for IE Speakster v2.0


? = What will IE Speakster do and how do I make it do it?

Answer: IE Speakster is designed to do two things.
One is to speak the loaded web page within MS IE.
The other is to speak any text copied to the Windows clipboard.

To have the Agent character speak a loaded web page:
1) have the IE Speakster software activated
2) after a web page is FULLY loaded into MS IE, select to speak the web page
by choosing that option in the menu activated by clicking on the icon in the
right panel of Windows.

To have the Agent character speak the text within the Windows clipboard:
1) have the IE Speakster software activated
2) select from the IE Speakster menu to speak the clipboard content

To copy any text to the windows clipboard = do the following:
1) put the mouse pointer where you want to start copying text
2) press the LEFT mouse button
3) "drag" the text wanted to copy (meaning= when you drag the text it
will be highlighted)
4) click the RIGHT mouse button
5) select (from the pop up menu shown) to copy

This will copy what ever text you have highlighted into the windows
clipboard then you can select for Speakster to talk the clipboard content. This could
be any text = meaning emails, documents, web pages, etc...

Another way to copy to the clipboard a complete web page or document is:
1) click on the web page or document (to put focus on it)
2) click EDIT on the top menu bar of MS IE or any word processor software
3) select to "SELECT ALL" (this will highlight the complete page so that
you don't have to "drag" the text)
4) select to copy by the means of clicking the RIGHT mouse button and
select COPY from the popup menu displayed OR go back to the edit menu item
and select to COPY.



? = There is an error when trying to activate IE Speakster. What's going on?

Answer: Possible problems include the following...
1) you did not install the required VB Runtime files. You can download them from downloads page (listed under "Misc. supporting files")
2) you are not waiting for the web page top load into MS IE before asking the char to speak (page must be completely loaded first)
3) this application DOES NOT support all agent characters. a listing of ones it does support (for sure) is displayed  on agent_characters page.

4) This application HAS NOT been tested on Windows ME as explained on the product page. We have had quite a few users say that it works well on ME, but can not assure this fact as it has not been tested at this end.




Please e-mail with any questions or concerns to .


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