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Thank you for considering the registration of

My Kidster v1.8 or My Kidster Plus v1.8 !


This action will help us with the support and development of this and other exciting software applications. You will benefit by getting rid of the "Talkster" pitching registration at start-up. By registering, you will also be entitled to any/ all upgrades free of charge. A win- win situation for only $14.95 !


There are two ways to register "My Kidster v1.8" or "My Kidster Plus v1.8" ...

By submitting your credit card information via this on-line secure site. If you select this payment option, we will e-mail you the registration key code and instructions how to activate the registration within the software or ship you a CD if selected.

Mail payment of $14.95 (add $7.00 if want CD) to Customized Computer Software, PO Box 171, Midwest, WY 82643. Be sure to include your e-mail address so that we can e-mail you the registration key code and instructions to activate registration within the software.


Please e-mail with any questions or concerns to .

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