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If you would like to register the Premo Web Talkster V1.0 browser; you can do so either by selecting the on- line secure server or US Mail option. The advantages of registering this software is that you will no longer receive the "ads".

Order / register on- line: To order a registered CD (that will be shipped via US mail) or receiving the registered version (via e-mail) go HERE to the on-line secure server. This option will require a credit card.

Order / register via US Mail: If you would prefer not to supply credit card information on-line; print out THIS form, fill out information, and mail for a registered CD or the registered version .exe file via US Mail.

Cost to receive the registered version or registered CD is $24.95. (a $7.00 shipping / handling fee for CD via US Mail if CD is selected)

Thank you for your consideration of registering this software as this helps us in the continuation of further software development! 


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