Repair Wizard - for most any of our audio software:

If you get an error message, something like, "NCTAudioRecord2.dll" not registered..." this means that a supporting dll file was not properly recorded/ registered within the Windows Registry during the setup/ install process or for some other reason.

Most of you have probably experienced DLL Hell, though you may not have heard of it described as such. If not, you've probably heard horror stories from friends or colleagues.

The story goes something like this:

Ring ring, ring ring...

"Good afternoon, Code-it  Software, Mike speaking. How can I help?"
"Uhm, your program doesn't work on my system anymore."
"What seems to be the problem?"
"I don't know - it was working yesterday. It just doesn't work any more."

Congratulations. You've more then likely just become another victim of DLL Hell.

The short of it...
"All it takes is a single DLL, VBX or OCX to be missing, or present in an older version... for an application to fail."

Most likely, another program installed an older DLL, VBX or ActiveX file on their system. OR maybe a newer, but incompatible version. OR a conflict due to an incompatible DLL already loaded in memory. OR the PATH environment setting changed. OR the file properly registered in the registry? OR a required file is missing? OR you have installed a program that uses some of the same support dll files then uninstalled one of these apps - causing Windows to un-register the dll file which the remaining app still needs. 

As you can see, you can literally spend HOURS trying to figure out what is wrong with your machine, and why the application will no longer run. Probably, yet another reason to consider running Linux?

It is not unusual for users to reinstall software - either during a system upgrade or to change configurations. In many cases users would install software that included an older version of a dll (ie. commdlg.dll) on a system that already contained a newer version. This would cause the more recently installed version to replace the newer version. As soon the user attempted to run the program that required the newer version, problems would occur ranging from operational difficulties to general protection faults.

There are hundreds of DLLs, VBXs and OCXs that may be shared by literally thousands of applications. All it takes is a single DLL, VBX or OCX to be missing, or present in an older version (or even an incompatible newer version), for an application to fail. 

Now you kind of know what might happen to make this software no longer run. Here's all you have to do to get it back.

If your Code-it Software did not come with the Repair Wizard (we are working on including with all applications - each application requires somewhat a different version of Repair Wizard - this is a generic version that might work) then get it HERE. After downloading be sure to place it within the applications install path then click to activate.

When the Repair Wizard activates merely click the REPAIR button. This will re-register all the supporting dll files within the Windows Registry.

You should be ready to Rock'n Roll again! If not - email for further