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Robo Mailer
Current Version: 3.2 - NEW VERSION RELEASED 10.19.2004
OS: Win 98, ME, 2000 & XP  
Registration: $24.95                          

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Robo Mailer was designed under the KISS theory (sometimes, or actually most of the time, simple is better): to be an easy to use bulk email software without countless bells and whistles that only lead to confusion and frustration. A straight forward, easy to use and inexpensive bulk email software solution.

This software converts any computer into a bulk email server in a user friendly way. It takes advantage of multi treading to send your bulk email campaign out with lightning speed. 

Robo Mailer is not intended for, nor do we encourage, spam but rather for creating a mailing list and mass mailings for opt-in newsletters and such. We do NOT subscribe to spamming but it's kind of like the right to own fire arms - you have the right to own but not to shoot someone!

First let me tell you what it won't do:

  • does not support html mail - pure text only (KISS)
  • will not support complicated data base importing - ASCII text file only (KISS)
  • does not support SSL server mailings - SMTP only that most everyone has (KISS)
  • probably lots of other bells and whistles some people may require (KISS)

What it will do:

  • send out email list in lightning speed - uses multi-threading technology.
  • sends separate email to each recipient.
  • requires no data base software - uses pure text based files that can be created using any ASCII text editor that everyone has (i.e. Note Pad): we even included one for you, within the software, so it will be handy.
  • will load, save, ability to edit the message content as well as the mailing list.
  • clearly shows process of mailing process.
  • option to set encoding and priority settings.
  • ok, so we strayed a little from KISS by offering skins. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves!
  • detailed tutorial e-book to help you get started with the very short (KISS) learning curve.

Some screen shoots (click to enlarge):

the opening screen:

rm_about.JPG (55497 bytes)

the message editor:

rm_message editor.JPG (70633 bytes)

the mailing list editor:

rm_mail_list.JPG (90037 bytes)

the Robo Mailer:

rm_mailer.JPG (178390 bytes)

the server settings/ configuration:

rm_server_config.JPG (67239 bytes)