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Revision / upgrade (v1.7.8) released 11.01.2002to enhance interface and 

I can hear you now. "Oh no! Not another MP3 player?" 

Yep.. but the "Rock'n Code v1.7.8"  MP3 player is different then most all the others. The software has NO intrusive code within. No adware, spyware, nag screens, no pop-ups trying to sell you something, no registration required, no trying to hook you up to the INTERNET to do God knows what. Just a solid, free MP3 player.

Other feature's of  "Rock'n Code"...

  • Small footprint (interface size as well as over all file size)
  • An attractive interface.. simple and effective.
  • Option to load, save, delete play list. 
  • Numerous other options to manage the play list.

Screen shots of the player (click to enlarge)...

Play list toggled off >>>>  rock1_ss.JPG (18878 bytes)

Play list toggled on >>>>  rock2_ss.JPG (64788 bytes)


Tested compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 & XP.

  Download it HERE ! (1.9Mb). ROCK ON !        



































































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