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Released as freeware 11.02.2002.

"Rock'n Code v2.0"  MP3 player is for those of you that just can't live without an MP3 player having the option of skins! It has NO intrusive code within. No adware, spyware, nag screens, no pop-ups trying to sell you something, no registration required, no trying to hook you up to the INTERNET to do God knows what. Just a solid free MP3 player.

Other feature's of  "Rock'n Code v2.0"...

  • Option to load, save, delete play list. Auto loads last play list at startup.

  • Option to change skins. 12 nice skins supplied with setup (see snap shots below...)

  • Numerous other options / stuff.

Here's some screen shots of the 12 different skins supplied within the setup (click to enlarge)...

1_ss.JPG (41574 bytes) 2_ss.JPG (48355 bytes) 3_ss.JPG (46061 bytes) 4_ss.JPG (50575 bytes)

5_ss.JPG (41520 bytes) 6_ss.JPG (44868 bytes) 7_ss.JPG (31757 bytes) 8_ss.JPG (58390 bytes)

9_ss.JPG (66982 bytes) 10_ss.JPG (32727 bytes) 11_ss.JPG (47272 bytes) 12_ss.JPG (38851 bytes)

Screen shot with play list toggled off >>> rockn_small_.JPG (26463 bytes)


Tested compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 & XP.

  Download it HERE ! (2.5Mb) includes 12 skins. ROCK ON !        



































































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