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Page created 11.18.2001

The following is VB 6.0 source code, that may give you a start on development of the next "Whiz Bang" application to be released. It is our way of giving back, as well as to help expiring new VB programmers get a jump start on becoming the next VB guru. All the samples are fairly simple code, but never the less have taken many hours to develop and debug. It is our hope it will help speed up your experiance in some small way. We make no warranty of the code, and reserve no rights to copyright. It is yours to do as you wish. Code on!     

The following link is to a zip file that contains the VB 6.0 source code of a demo using Microsoft "Direct Text to Speech". It assumes you have the "Xvoice.dll" file installed as well as the Lernout & Hauspie American English TruVoice TTS engine. This demo shows how to do the following:

  1. List all the TTS engines and voices installed on the system

  2. Gives the user option to select and set TTS engine as well as voice

  3. Saves the TTS selection to the Windows registry and reads / sets the value at startup

  4. Allows the user to enter text into a textbox and have it spoken

Here's the zipped VB 6 source files >>> (18.9Kb)

If you would like the VB 6.0 source code of a demo using the TTS selection ocx that was developed by

e-clips Intelligent Agent Technologies

  (released as freeware)... please bookmark this page as it will be added in the very near future!

The download link for the TTS.ocx (no sample code as of yet)  is >>> (37Kb)

This section, will make available sample VB 6.0 source code of a "Talking web browser" using Microsoft Agent© technology. This sample is just a "shell", meaning that it does not include all the added features that are desirable such as a favorites list, email, save file, view source code, etc. It does however give you a start on developing a talking web browser as it has the ability to speak the web page contents that is loaded into a Microsoft "Webbrowser" control. This code is derived from 2 years of developing and releasing over 10 versions / applications of talking web browsers. Stay tuned!

This section will make available VB 6.0 source code of a basic "clipboard reader" using Microsoft Agent© technology. It will speak, on demand, the contents of the Windows clipboard when activated via an icon within the system tray. This is basicly an application ("Text Talkster") that we have sold 100's of copies of in the past. Stay tuned.. it will be here soon!




























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