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Released 10.11.2002 - completely free, for the first 20 days after release, as payback for any comments or suggestions for improvement (good or bad!). Due to the nature of this software (an evaluation version can not really be furnished to demo the features without severely limiting needed features) we have revised the release 11.03.2002 to "buy with 10 day full unconditional money back guarantee" terms.

First, a little history..  

In the good (?) ole days of DOS and Windows 3.x (for those of you that can remember  back that far) there were some very nice software utilities that took a 'snapshot' of the system before installation of software and gave you a report of all files that were added during the installation/ setup allowing you to delete them easily. This was relatively easy BEFORE the Windows Registry came into being (Windows 95), to uninstall you just deleted the program files. Most all software today takes advantage of making entries into the Registry to hold program information such as registration facts, passwords, settings, startup options, etc. as well as spreading files all over the system. 

The problem with this practice is several fold. One problem is that Windows uninstall functions do NOT delete Registry entries created by the software but rather just deletes the software files installed / modifications to the Registry during the setup on the system: it has no way of knowing that changes to the Registry were made after the software was activated. But the biggest problem that has us, at Code-it Software, concerned is that there is a lot of free, and not so free, software out there that is installing "spyware" applications that you are only aware of if you have a "lawyers" eye for details in the software's EULA that most users just click OK and go on with the setup. The setup (or the software itself after first activation) will often install this spyware into a separate directory (with file names you would swear are Windows system files) and insert an entry in the Registry to start at Wins boot or when you are connected to the INTERNET. 

In this day and age it would sure be nice to know all entries the software was writing into the Registry as well as all files altered or added to the system.  We searched the net to find such a utility, at an affordable price, but were dismayed to find none that fit our purpose.. thus Scanster was born!

This is what Scanster does...

  • A VERY simple and easy to understand interface. You don't have to be a computer guru to understand how to run this software! But of course you may need advanced knowledge of the Registry if you want to attempt to use some of the powerful tools included within this software? 
  • The first step =  takes a "snapshot" (scans and writes to a temp file) all paths, names, attributes of  files on the system as well as all HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER  key paths and names.
  •  The second step = Minimizes and allows you to install the software via the setup.
  • The third step = scans the system again then compares the scans and writes a report of any/ all files added or changed on the system as well as additions of Registry keys.
  • The fourth step = gives the option of viewing, saving, printing the report.
  • You can run this process before/ after install then run it again before/ after first activation of the software to REALLY find out what's going on.

Additional features...

  • If the software setup requires you to reboot after setup this software will save the first scan and gives you the option of starting at the third step which continues the scanning and report process.
  • Gives the option of backing up your Windows Registry (system.dat and user.dat files) as well as System.ini  and Win.ini file (just in case the setup REALLY messes up !)
  • Gives the option ( for Win 98 and ME users) to create a DOS bat file that will replace the registry to it's "before" state in DOS mode (by use of a startup disk).
  • Option to activate the Windows Registry Editor from this software.
  • Option to activate Windows "System Information" from this software.
  • Option to activate our "System Monitor" that shows information on all software running, all entries within the Registry to start at Windows boot, all processes running and more. This is very valuable information for detecting software installed to operate in "sleath mode" (spyware, snoop ware, key loggers, etc.) Options to delete any entry or the stop selected software dead in it's tracks!
  •  And last but not least, a very powerful uninstall utility. This utility gives lot's of information about installed software, allows you to not only uninstall the software but delete the keys created in the Registry (a feature that Windows Uninstall often misses) and lot's more.
  • Tested compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 & XP (must have Administrator rights to edit Registry entries in 2000 & XP)


  • Lot's of software will not make Windows Registry entries until the software itself is first activated (not within the setup/ install itself). This software is very useful, to not only run during the install but right before and after you first activate the installed software. This way you can find out what it is doing as far as adding Registry keys and creating files on the "fly".  This is how lot's of spyware is activated/ configured from otherwise good software that is given away "free". It is a tactic that is more and more common as developers try to somehow make a living hacking out code - as they are paid by the marketers that offer spyware code to be inserted within software (see our software - policies).
  • The software does take a little time (depending on the amount of files/ Registry entries on the system - approx. from 15 to 30 minutes) to complete it's mission. Much like anti- virus software scans except this software scans twice - before and after setup - and the Registry Keys as well. A small price to pay? 

Limitations of this first release...

  • Will only scan the C drive for files altered or added.
  • Only reports the Registry Keys added or changed (not the values yet).

Screen shots...

Screen shot of Scanster (click to enlarge) >>> w_it_d_ss.JPG (49197 bytes) 

Screen shot of Uninstall Utility (click to enlarge) >>> uninstaller_ss.JPG (104066 bytes)


By placing an order for this product, you are accepting this EULA that applies to this, as well as all software offered off this site. We think you will find that this is one of the fairest EULA's that you will ever be offered for ANY software, with the exception of  "open source" software.

This product also has a 10 day unconditional money back guarantee - if the software ends up not fitting your needs, just email for a full refund. Register it for the extremely low cost of $15.00 from this Secure E-Commerce Site ! The download link will be emailed to you within 48 hours of registration or order the software on CD-ROM for an additional $7.00 (cost of shipping and handling). If you are not comfortable paying on-line then send payment  to Code-it Software, PO Box 171, Midwest, WY 82643 along with your email address.  A download link, for the registered version, will be provided upon receipt of payment within 48 hours via email. 



















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