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Remember the old days when software was activated and contained on a floppy disk? Well.. software doesn't have to be 'bloatware' ! This 'back to the past'  concept of software (we are calling 'Travelware©') is a perfect choice for the "road warrior" or anyone wanting to pack their software, that contains sensitive information, with them from system to system without leaving any trace.

The following are Travelware© software applications that we have developed expressly for install and use on a floppy disk. All supporting files are contained on the floppy making the Travelware© entirely 'self contained'. Pack it in your shirt pocket, purse or brief case and use it wherever you may have access to a PC (Windows 98, 2000, NT or XP). Leave no trace or documents on the host system!

Password Sentinel  A very useful "password vault" that saves all those pesky passwords on a floppy disk. Up to 448-bit Blowfish encryption offered.

Password Sentinel Travelware setup - Instructions on setting up Travelware©

Folder Key A nice utility to hide folders on the system and all files within. Use your travelware floppy disk as your "floppy key" to gain/ restrict access to any hidden folders (and files within) on the Windows system.

Folder Key Travelware setup - Instructions on setting up Travelware©

More 'Travelware' offerings in the very near future!