Video tutorials (audio editors)...

These videos were created using our "Screen Recordster" software.

Check it out?

Take a look at any of our tutorial videos - note that the way you play/ view these .wmv files will vary depending on what browser you are using (and how you have it configured). If you are using MS IE - click to play in Media Player (elect NOT to play in Internet Explorer). Foxfire (my personal choice) - select to play in default media player. The VERY BEST way is to "Save Target As" and download to your system then activate by double click or selecting within your media player. 

These videos are in .wmv (WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO) format:

  • Basic audio editing

  • Basic recording using our editors

  • Configuration of our editors

  • Convert sample type in our editors

  • Mixing files using our editors

  • Chop album into separate songs and edit ID tags

  • Using WAV_MP3 batch converter

  • Rip audio CD's via the CD Ripper