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Version 3.0 released 11\14\2k

American Indian Web Talkster v3.0 is our latest and greatest "American Indian theme talking web browser" that is released as "freeware" with an option to register. No adware, spyware, under coverware, or any of that other stuff we all are starting to resent in recent software releases; just an honest to goodness solid web browser that features several options that are very unique. This browser takes advantage of Microsoft Agent© technology at it's finest.


This talking browser features our newly released "Talkster" Agent© character that *we had created for your enjoyment by Fluid Motion! You got to see (hear) this browser.. it is really, really COOL!


Here are screen shots (click to enlarge) of the *CCS "Talkster" Agent© character...

my_talkster.JPG (12917 bytes)                 


Browser screen shots in some of the many colors you can select (click to enlarge)...


            ss_red.JPG (374706 bytes)     ss_black.JPG (351125 bytes)     ss_blue.JPG (370541 bytes)     ss_gray.JPG (233533 bytes)



A screen shot of the interactive help system we call the "Helpster©".

Software help systems don't have to be boring any more!

Copyright©1999-2000 Customized Computer Software




American Indian Web Talkster v3.0 is the result of on going development and improvements made to the Indian Web Talkster v1.0 - v2.0, Talking Browser v1.0, Web Talkster v1.2 , Talking Browser 2.0, Premo Web Talkster v1.0.f, and Premo Web Talkster v2.0 browser applications that have an audience of over an estimated 100,000 valued and loyal users. This software application gives you the option of having the browser "talk" the text content of a web page by means of one of many available antimated characters to choose from (but we hope you will elect to use our new "Talkster" character that comes with the setup!), by simply clicking the "Speak" button. In simple language, it is a American Indian theme talking web browser. The software has been beta tested and "talks" all formats of web sites with the exception of approx. 4% (beta test results) due to exotic programming formats and frame configurations.

Features included within the application are as follows:

GUI interface with all standard Windows options.
This browser setup includes the new "Talkster" Agent© character.
Load most any text or web page document into the browser.
Ability to select the color of the "skin" as well as the text captions. This feature lets you have it your way!
"Bookmark Manager" lets you add URL's, change "tag" name, delete, save into different folders, navigate browser to. Takes advantage of the Microsoft Internet Explorer bookmark system.
Option of viewing source code, save, edit, print. The use of Microsoft Notepad is implicated.
Convenient "Search" text input box that gives you the option of conducting a web search directly from the browser.
Select one of over 12 different Agent© characters (option to download from the many choices available at no charge) you want as your "Talkster" or none at all. Download and install as many as you want and change within the browser when the mood strikes!
Ability to "drag" the Agent© character to any where on the screen.
Standard browser options (i.e. back, forward, refresh, stop, home, and print). Automatically uses the "Home" page that you have set in Microsoft I.E.
Capability to load and have spoken any text based document into the browser. 
Have the character "speak" the web page loaded. This feature has been improved to allow more sites to be "talked" and in a more realistic manner.
Have the character "speak" only selected text after high-lighting OR copying to the clipboard. 
Stop "Speaking" option.
Option to change the speed, pitch, type, and volume of the speech output.
Show character "text balloon" or turn it off.
Move character on or off the viewing area.
Gives you the option of allowing / not allowing "pop-up" windows off web sites.
Saves all option "settings" and implements them at startup.
Option to set the Home page.
An antimated program "Helpster" feature. No more boring text based text pages; let your "Talkster" help you in a more humanist way.This is real cool!
Includes a handy "Surf'n Notes" program that lets you keep notes on web sites or URL's visited. Automatically saves your notes upon exit and restores when re-activated. Never lose a note again!
Includes a list box of popular American Indian web site links.

The min. requirements for this software application are:

  1. Pent.133 IBM / Comp. CPU
  2. Microsoft Windows" 95, 98 (Windows 2000 & NT version available very soon) (will not operate on Windows Workgroups) A personal note: have you heard that Microsoft is going to release yet another version of Windows in mid- 2001? Before long a developer will have to release 10 versions of the same application. It's get'n out of hand folks!
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (takes advantage of several .dll files in I.E.) 
  4. 12 MB free hard disk space, 16 MB Memory
  5. Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System & speakers
  6. Text - 2 - Speech engine, Microsoft Agent©, and Agent© Character (all included within the Setup program)
  7. Modem and ISP connection to the INTERNET

You are invited to download this software free or the option of registering via on- line secure service by selecting any of these options from the links displayed at the left side of this page(Sub Menu). 


* Customized Computer Software



Copyright © 1999-2000 [Customized Computer Software]