Why Policies Mater 101:

Here at Code-it, we feel our policies are a big factor in why you should consider our software solutions. A company's policies define who they are and where they're "coming from". It's a fact: you don't actually know what price you're paying for software until you know what the terms really are.

First - some clarification: Code-it Software develops and re-brands lot's of software to other vendors - the following policies apply to software distributed off this URL/ site only. We have no intent to control how our "re-branded" stuff is sold, distributed, supported nor the policies other sites attach to re-branded software.

The following is a list of COMMON practices implemented by the majority of companies distributing software as well as how our policies differ...

Requires "unlock key-code" to activate registration of software:

When you register any of our software - you receive a full version download - this is for YOUR benefit that is hardly ever offered with Windows software. The concept that you can actually make full use of software, that you have registered, is fast being eroded. Our thinking is "what's the big deal if a user wants to install the software on all her/his personal systems?" "Machine specific" unlock key-codes prevent this.

This policy greatly effects our "bottom line" as it does not prevent software "piracy" but we strongly believe in 'fair use' for our registered users - that's hopefully YOU!

The EULA (End Users License Agreement) states that you can only use the software on one system

Our EULA states "You may use the software on as many PERSONAL systems as desired." As we give you a full version download - this is possible with no hassle!

Requires you to supply a valid email address to be able to download evaluation version or to activate registration:

Why do most all software companies do this? It's simple: so they can constantly send you "special offers" and such. We consider this a ploy to allow spamming macerated as "opted-in" or "news letters". 

Code-it Software does not engage in spam marketing. All of our communications are in response to your inquiry by email. I have no tolerance for spam and do not engage in it - period. Some say that we take this to the extreme, as we feel it is the users responsibility to check for version updates: we do not notify you.

Intrusive code embedded within software offerings:

It is estimated that over 70% of all Windows (PC) freeware has "spyware or adware" embedded within. We do NOT subscribe to tactics of generating income or gain from this type of intrusive code within, even free, software offerings.

All software offered, on any of our sites, is 100% FREE of *adware, spyware, backdoor santas, blended threats, browser helper objects, dialers, drive-by downloads, hijackers, honeypot, keyloggers, malware, parasites, parasiteware, scumware, slimeware, snoopware, spam, system monitors, theifware, tracking cookies, trashware, trojan horses, viruses, web bugs, worms, or zombies. WOW - that was a mouth full! 
* some free apps may include a link to this and/ or one of our 'sister' web sites - we don't consider this "adware".

Charges a fee for version updates or offers free updates but that rarely happens:

Most all software companies require a fee to upgrade their software. If they offer "free updates" then the software is rarely updated - which makes this very easy to offer! OK - I can hear it now.. "Microsoft offers free updates to Windows...". Well yes, but they are also using their "update service" as 'copyright validation' as well as affording MANY other benefits to them while ignoring your privacy. Want to get caught using a copy of XP on a second system? Upgrade to SP2 using their method (that we consider "spyware") - that's some of what I'm talk'n about!

Here at Code-it Software we hardly ever consider a software application "finished" but always growing. The growth (revisions, improvements, additions, etc) comes mainly from our customers or persons evaluating our software then submitting suggestions and yes - sometimes even criticizing an application. 

You will find that we are constantly upgrading our software: version updates are ALWAYS FREE, with no "strings" attached, on all software offered on this site! 

Crippled evaluation versions:

Most software developers cripple the evaluation version in some way (i.e. limit recording to 30 seconds, insert a beep into the recording, embed a "tag" into an edited file, etc.). This makes sense cuz LOT's of users will download the evaluation version to get their current project done then just uninstall the software: they never have any intention of registering. I actually had a guy email me and brag how he ran Wave MP3 Editor on his system for over 3 months, giving him time to convert 100's of cassette tapes to audio CD: he said he never had/ has any intention of registering - but thanked me for making the software fully functional unlike my competitors!

All our evaluation versions are fully functional so that you can truly see what you get after registration. I hate crippled software & think it's a waste of my time: don't you?

Limited, no, uninformed or 'fee based' support:

Lot's of software companies are going to "fee based support" or if they offer free support it is done via 'auto-response' email (canned answers) which, for the most part, is useless.

At Code-it your support question/ concerns are addressed within minutes to 24 hours. We NEVER ignore a support issue - to do so would be ridiculous. You receive support from the actual DEVELOPER (the guys that programmed the software) not a second or third party that does not fully understand the software. Think about it, all software is susceptible to problems (i.e. you just installed a MS "patch" and 25% of your software now will not run correctly, etc...): would you rather deal with a "vendor", contract support guy or the developer for support? 

No refund policy: states the common "Shareware" lingo (i.e. : "Since our software is Shareware - try before you buy - we offer no refunds. It is your responsibility to make sure the software fits your needs before registration.")

At Code-it Software we believe in happy customers. We believe all our products do their job, and do it well. But we're realistic enough to know that our software isn't going to fit every situation (i.e. you have an old 95 or 98 system that has 64Mb memory and a 150Mb hard drive: you're trying to do audio editing to a 50Mb WAV file, etc...). That's why we have a strong 10 day refund policy. If you aren't satisfied with our products, we want it back - and will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence.

Now the bad part - or why some of our policies are not all that rosie! 

In an effort to keep the cost down of our software we do not spend time keeping data bases and records of registrations; therefore, if you ever want a version update or need to download the registered version again due to a system crash we require YOU to supply us with either a copy of your registration receipt or at the very least the order number. We feel that this is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to record this information. You may ask "well OK but how do I retrieve my receipt if my system crashed?" Well.. either take a pencil and write the order number down on a piece of paper or use the high- tech way and print out your registration receipt when you register then file away somewhere. Pretty simple? 

We do NOT notify you when there has been a version update (always free) to the software you have registered. This is in line with our STRICT anti-spam policy. There's a link in most of our help files - check out updates often!

If you request a refund on a registered piece of software we're going to want an explanation of why the software didn't work for you. This is not an effort to "hassle" you but rather to gain knowledge of possible bugs/ problems of the software. An explanation like "I want a refund - it didn't work" is not exactly what we have in mind but rather a little more detailed information! Think about it: if we're going to issue you a refund (which by the way costs us a 15% fee from our e-com vendor) don't you think we deserve details of why you are returning? Hey- even Wal-Mart will ask you why you are retuning an item.

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